A small and beautiful country nestled in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Macedonia, delights with its nature beauties as well as the enormous historical wealth. 

Welcoming you with the great hospitality, that is far known of the Macedonian people,  Macedonia  giives you a part of its heart by letting you meet its  ancient culture,  religion and nature.

A cradle of culture and Christianity, Macedonia, is an unopened chest  of churches and monasteries, of ancient basilycas and frescoes, of mosques  and artefacts.  A country where  the first Slavic alphabet roots are. A country that invites you to reveal all the secrets that the numerous archeological sites are hiding. A country where the modern and ancient are mixed in order to make your stay more comfortable and willing to come back over and over again.
Meet the beautiful lake of Ohrid, its churches and ancient monastires, meet the beautyfull mountains and its villages , meet the cuisine that will leave you speechless with its unique flavour and taste.There is a special place waiting for you. A place still unspoiled, yet experienced by more and more nature lovers and adventurers each year. That special place is Macedonia – where culture, nature and beauty  blend to make an unique experience.Place where everybody is WELCOMED !!!