St Naum monastery sightseeing tour

Take a day tour to visit the monastery area of St. Naum!
You will be amazed of the beauties of that part of the lake….. Untouched nature….. Peacocks guarding the monastery……. And St. Naum is helping the believers to make their wishes come true…..
Put your ear on the grave of St.Naum make a wish and wait for a miracle….
Miracles happens every day…..

Outside visit of the water museum “The bay of the bones”

Reconstruction of pre-historic palafitte settlement

Visit the river Crni drim springs

The springs are nestled near the monastery, and there’s total of 45 springs that form a small lake. The thing that makes these springs so special is crystal clear water that almost 50% of it comes from across the mountain Galichica from the Prespa Lake. The small lake formed by the springs is a perfect place for a boat ride where you can see all the underwater and by the shore springs.

Visit the monastery St. Naum

St.Naum takes a special place in Republic of Macedonia history as well as for the Slavic world in general. On the ruins of his church, that was built in the beginning of the 10th century. It is built a new church a new church where St. Naum’s tomb is encountered. According to the legends and the testimony of many believers, the St.Naum’s heart never stopped beating, so you can hear its rhythm if you lay your head over the stone.



  • The price includes:
    • English speaking guide
    • Transfer from the center of the city to the monastery by car/bus of by boat (boat for public transfer)
    • Entrance tickets for: the monastery St.Naum, boat tour try the springs of the river Crn Drim
    • All prices are given per person;
    • Children up to 12 years are free of charge (if coming with one adult)

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